Oligarchs are using the scheme with which they plundered state-owned companies to now cheat us out of our democracy
Controlling the entry and exit points, this is the scheme with which the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria first fleeced the state-owned companies at the end of the last century and then privatised them for one lev/dollar during the Ivan Kostov cabinet. The ideologists behind the first stage of plundering were “the left-wing capitalist” Andrey Luka­nov and his cronies.
The Fake News Factory created by Ivo Prokopiev and his fellow oligarchs is moving ahead with its anti-Bulgaria campaign during the country's EU presidency. The latest avalanche of negative articles is once again channelled through the foreign media - thanks to the Fake News Factory's secret agent in the Bulgarian desk of Deutsche Welle Alexander Andreev. The head of the desk, who has been serving the oligarchy's interests and spreading its talking points for years, got down to chronicling the most negative comments about our country.